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What is a vehicle wrap?
Wrap advertising (aka mobile billboard) is the marketing practice of completely covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement thus turning it into a mobile billboard.

How is a wrap made?
A custom design is produced so the graphics fit your business branding and style. 

The graphics are then printed on specialty pressure sensitive vinyl with a large format printer.  Then the vinyl is laminated with overlaminate to insure the longevity of graphics once installed.

The graphics are then applied to the body of the vehicle.  The vinyl used is a specialty vinyl made just for application to vehicles, allowing all curves and body lines of the vehicle to be covered.

How long does a wrap last?
Wraps carry a warranty for 3 to 5 years yet many have lasted well beyond the warranty life. 

What maintenance is involved with a vehicle wrap?
The best way to clean your wrap is by hand. First flush the graphic with clean water to remove loose dirt particles.  Use a mild liquid detergent (no solvents) and water solution and wash the graphic with a soft rag or sponge then hand dry.  A wrap may be power-washed or pressure washed with extreme care but is not recommended or covered by warranty. Automatic brush washing is not recommended or covered by warranty.

How does the cost of having a mobile billboard compare to other advertising?

Direct Mail Campaign
Outdoor Billboard
Newspaper/Magazine/Yellow Pages
Vehicle Wraps

-Only reaches limited target market

-One time use

-Limited number of impressions

-Campaign only lasts an average of 4 weeks

-Fixed to one location

-Impressions become inflated (on average the same person sees billboard on the daily route

-Impressions vary depending on location

-Limited to distribution area

-Average run of 1 month

-Yellow Page customers must be intentionally looking for you

-Average impressions 500-10,000 a month

-Unlimited market audience

-Average wrap lasts 3 to 5 years

-Average cost less than .70 cents per thousand impressions

-Average 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily

CPM $500-$2500
CPM $1000-$5000
CPM $500-$2500
CPM $40-$100

What is involved in having my vehicle wrapped?
There are 3 stages to wrapping your vehicle.  First we will need to get the measurements of the vehicle and produce the design you desire.  Next we'll print out the graphics and apply overlaminate to protect from scratches and sun fading.  Finally we install the wrap on your vehicle.  Your mobile billboard is ready to go!

How long does it take to have my vehicle wrapped?
Dependent upon the design, the size of the wrap and our current projects.  Most wraps can be completed within a week.